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4 Unexpected Causes Of Fire Damage In Your Home

4 Unexpected Causes Of Fire Damage In Your Home

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Many house fires that occur in the United States every year have common sources that lead to the fire igniting. Hopefully, your home hasn’t already been victim to a fire caused by one of these common issues. Some of the most common sources of house fires are easily overlooked, so Certi-Dry located in Madison, Wisconsin, has outlined four unexpected causes of house fires for you. Through being aware of these common causes, you are better equipped to prevent a fire in your home.


Being unwise about your grill usage is a quick way to turn your weekend barbecue into a weekend fire disaster. When you use your grill, make sure to use it at least 10 feet away from your home. Through doing this, you significantly reduce the risk of the side of your house catching flame from it. Clean any removable parts often, and check for leaks from the gas tank regularly. Lastly, never grill indoors, not even in your garage.

Irresponsible smoking

Irresponsible smoking can also easily lead to house fires. Whenever possible, smoke outdoors. Most often, house fires that result from smoking are due to cigarette butts that were not fully extinguished. Never leave a cigarette butt just lying around, especially not around flammable materials. Use a deep ashtray and make sure any trash can you discard cigarette butts into isn’t made of flammable material. If you are concerned that a cigarette isn’t completely extinguished, douse it in water before discarding it.

Heated hair appliances

Heated hair appliances like straighteners and curling irons don’t only have the ability to burn your hair, they have the ability to burn your house, too. Many hair appliances reach temperatures well past 400 degrees, and when you combine that with any flammable material, flame can result. Never put a hot hair appliance on a wood shelf, carpet, or a towel. Wait until the appliance has cooled down completely before storing. Through doing this, you can prevent any catastrophic fire damage.


Lightbulbs can also result in house fires. If you are using a lightbulb with a wattage that is higher than what is recommended, the wire in the bulb can become brittle from the heat, potentially causing a fire to start. Additionally, heat from light bulbs that are in glass globes or other enclosings has a difficult time escaping and can build up and result in a house fire. Avoid enclosing your light bulbs and always use light bulbs that are the recommended wattage to decrease the chance of a light bulb fire.

Although these causes are certainly not the only sources of house fires, they are fairly common and often hazards that are overlooked. If you are not cautious with grills, smoking, hair appliances, and light bulbs, your home is at greater risk for a house fire. If your home does catch fire, contact 911 to put it out, and then contact a fire damage restoration professional to help you restore your home to its original state. If you live in Madison, contact Certi-Dry with any of your fire damage restoration needs.

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