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About Us

We are a Restoration company located in Madison Wisconsin. We specialize in Water damage, Mold damage, and Fire damage restoration. We are a team of hard working men and women who want to make your problem ours in order to ease the stress that may arise based on one of these traumatic situations. We will come to your house or place of business and offer free estimates on what it will cost to fix the problem. We work hand in hand with your insurance agent to make sure you are getting the best service and the least painful experience. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency needs.

Our Mission

The Mission for Certi-Dry is to be the first responder and trusted adviser to our clients, and to protect, save, mitigate, and rebuild our client’s properties with compassion and commitment through service excellence, by investing in quality personnel with extensive training in disaster management and remediation.

Our Vision

The vision of Cert-Dry is to be the benchmark for the mitigation industry in Dane County. We will have a total mitigation sales of $3 million annually, (with a profitability of 33%) we will have a new facility that provides both training for our teams, other restorers, and a vision for other contractors.

We will be leaders in the industry when it comes to our relationship in our local restoration community; and as a leader, our entire team will be involved with some aspect of industry growth. We will have achieved resolution to the current market issues that face our company and other restorers, and their employees as it relates to pricing issues and carrier rules that suppress rates and divide our local market and industry.

We will be gauging our growth and success by soliciting and reviewing customer satisfaction rates, volume of business brought in by our employee’s relationships, closing ratios, and retention of both the client, and the employee of the company.

Our Core Values


Catalyst for re-invention and leading change initiatives.

Mentoring & Empowering

Taking an active interest in the growth, development, and success of others and encouraging and supporting the use of peoples’ full potential.

Transparency & Truth

Courageous conversation; speaks openly; minimizes politics; willingness to disclose; truth controls actions.


Depth of commitment to carry out what needs to be accomplished.


Walk the talk; authenticity in decisions and actions; open about failures.


Unified by purpose; aligned on strategy; synergistic; supportive.

Value Community

Work is enjoyable; a light-hearted balance is maintained; time for pursuits outside of work are honored; employees well rounded.