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Fire Damage Restoration – Cleaning Up After Kitchen Fires

Fire Damage Restoration – Cleaning Up After Kitchen Fires

fire damage restoration madison, fire damage cleanup madison, fire damage repair madisonWhether your kitchen is a small apartment kitchen or a large commercial kitchen in a restaurant, the amount of damage that comes from kitchen fires can be extreme. While the fire may be contained to the kitchen area itself, the smoke and soot from the fire is likely to spread to different areas of the home and in places you wouldn’t think would be affected by a fire. When it comes to the fire damage restoration and cleanup process, you want to be sure you are handling it the best way possible so that future damage doesn’t occur. If you live in the Madison area, you can contact the professional fire damage restoration team at Certi-Dry no matter how big or small the damage is.

Where The Damage May Spread

The damage from a fire doesn’t ever stay in the room it broke out in. Areas far from the flames can experience smoke and soot damage and may be affected by lingering odors. Certified professional fire damage restoration companies know where to find the damage and what parts of your building might be affected. This includes inside the hvac system, in cabinets and cupboards, underneath appliances, and deeply embedded inside walls and ceilings. Even lighting fixtures can be affected by smoke and soot.

Odors may travel even further. You can expect your carpet, upholstery, furniture and clothes to carry fire odors until they have gone through the fire damage restoration process themselves (or contents cleaning). Every item must be thoroughly cleaned to remove the damage.

How Damaging Are Smoke And Soot?

Not only do smoke and soot linger long after a fire is put out, but they can cause extensive damage to items inside your property and to your property itself. Smoke and soot can both embed deep within different fibers including walls, ceilings, flooring, and more. The longer the smoke and soot is allowed to sit, the more extensive the damage becomes – and the more costly it is to repair.

Soot itself will actually start etching into materials like glass if left on it for too long. Your structure and personal property can be largely affected by just a small amount of soot.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration In Madison

For a thorough cleanup and successful fire damage restoration job that leaves your property without a trace of being affected by a fire, contact the professional fire damage restoration team at Certi-Dry in Madison. We respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to any emergency.

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