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Customer Testimonials

We value our customers and appreciate their feedback. See what others have had to say about Certi-Dry.

“The family atmosphere is first and foremost. Helping customer’s when they are at their worst is very rewarding.”

James Hall

“I love the family atmosphere here at Certi Dry. The value that is instilled in our culture is priceless. When going to a customer’s knowing they are in a bad situation and being able to help them and making sure everything will be ok is what I strive for.”

Eric Torrijos

One of the reasons I love working at Certidry is the ability to help homeowners, building managers and property owners get back to normal life quickly restoring peace of mind.

Mathew Sayre

"Certi-dry responded quite quickly to my initial call (on a Saturday!) sending someone out that same day to set up fans and dehumidifiers, and then returning three more times over the next few days to check on progress, verify the extent of the damage, and pass along information and expertise re: further work and repairs. Everyone involved was friendly, responsive, and professional, and I would call them again for similar situations!"

Anonymous on Angie’s List

"I am not one who normally leaves reviews, but these guys went above and beyond! I had these 2 guys painting my house outside (they are not professionals, they are morons) and they used the deep sink in my basement and forgot to turn the water off... on full blast... with rags blocking the drain ... for 40 minutes! 95% of the basement was covered in 4 inches of water, and I was freaking out! I remembered Certi-dry from when a restaurant I worked at had a fire and they had come and cleaned up and everything, so I called them and could not have been more satisfied. They had a crew out to my house outside of Madison in under 30 minutes. They were real professional and got straight to work immediately taking pictures for the insurance company than began cleaning up everything and drying the basement out. It took the crew only about an hour to get all this done. They left fans and some other equipment so the basement could continue to dry and prevent mold from growing (something I hadn't considered). They were able to talk me through not only what exactly they did and why, but are proving to be an excellent help with insurance as well. If I ever run into an issue like this one again I won't hesitate to give them a call."

Shaun Ezrow

"We live in Reedsburg and when we came home from work on a Wednesday afternoon we discovered that during the day our sump pump failed. As a result of this we had about 2 inches of water covering our basement floor. We were able to get our pump running again but were left with a mess to clean up. We contacted our home owners insurance agent to see if they had any suggestions on where we could find someone to help. They recommended Certi-dry. We called them at 4:30 PM and by 7:00 PM they were at our house. Within minutes they were sucking up water and cleaning things up. Over the course of the next two days they cleaned and dried the basement . I would highly recommend Certi-dry to anyone requiring this type of service. Very professional people and very prompt. Did an excellent job in cleaning up our mess and following up to make sure were satisfied."

David Penshorn

"We had a washing machine overflow that flooded the main floor laundry and part of the basement. I called CertiDry and their response was immediate. The crew arrived shortly after our call and got rid of the standing water and started drying things out. The crew chief was extremely helpful and friendly. Always had a smile on his face. Thorough, quality job."

Mike Rindfleisch

"We had our basement flood the day before Thanksgiving and Tyrone and his Team were quick to respond. The process began within hours of finding water in the basement and his entire team was respectful, considerate, and worked diligently to get the issue addressed and under control. We would highly recommend them in the future."

Lynn Butler

“Thanks to everyone for helping us clean up a gigantic mess!!”

Doug Wood

“I just wanted to send a quick thank you to everyone over at Certi-Dry who helped us get our basement in order. I know it’s not the biggest job, nor the best basement, but it is ours... and we really appreciate the care and attention we got from the team! There were many more people, and we appreciate them all.”

Michelle Li

“When we had an unexpected flood in our business, it was overwhelming to have to deal with, but one thing we didn’t have to worry about for a minute, was the quality of work that Certi-Dry provided. They were on the job start to finish, coming in early or late depending on what our schedules could accommodate, and were very easy to communicate with throughout the process. We were able to continue to run our business seamlessly and they made that possible.”

Little Gym

“Thru Badger Barter I found Certi dry and Crown flooring, I had a water leak destroy my basement and they have been great, all my things had to be moved to storage. Went to the storage Aaron, Tyrone and Adam were awesome in going thru boxes to get the things I needed . Thanks guys”

Sue Dornfeld

“We had a criminal break into one of our large commercial office buildings, started a fire and caused the sprinkler system to engage. It was a huge mess with water raining down on the tenant’s equipment and server rooms. Called Certi-Dry and they were there within the hour. Crews kept arriving and mitigation began immediately. Core damage averted, thanks to their quick and effective response. Worked through the entire weekend to remove the moisture and restore the workplace. Except for one small room damaged by fire, Monday morning work for the tenants went off without a hitch. Thanks Certi-Dry for your professional and overwhelming response.”

Dan Lonsdorf, VP MIG Commercial Real Estate
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