Three Common Myths About Water Damage Cleanup

At Certi-Dry, we are all about providing the best water damage cleanup in Fitchburg and surrounding areas. One of the best ways we can do that is to be sure that homeowners know how to properly respond to water damage. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding water damage cleanup that can actually lead to more damage to your home and property.  We are going to bust three of the most common myths associated with water damage so that you will not fall victim to them.

  1. If you don’t see water anymore, it must be dry and can just dry on its own:

If your home sustains water damage, the most important thing to guarantee proper restoration is to get it removed and dried completely. Water in your home will not dry completely on its own. Water hides in walls, in carpet, and even under floorboards. As porous materials are soaked with water, they begin to absorb it. Wood, drywall, insulation, carpet fibers, and carpet padding, will hold onto water even when it appears that it has all been dried. Hidden moisture trapped in unseen spaces causes more damage. Mold will grow anywhere moisture is present. Once materials have absorbed enough water, they can begin to swell, warp, bow, bend, and deteriorate. Just because you cannot see it, it does not mean that water is not there. Water will not dry itself, and needs the proper drying and detection equipment to ensure no hidden moisture is left behind, and that cleanup is properly done. 

  1. The smell will eventually go away

When water is not dried quickly and completely, mold will begin to grow. Since mold is a type of fungus, it gives off a very strong odor wherever it grows. The musky and earthy smell that lingers around following water damage is not something that will just resolve itself. Dehumidification is required, along with complete drying, followed with antimicrobial treatment to stop mold from growing following water damage. If mold has already begun to grow (the smell is a good indication), then mold remediation is required in order to safely remove the mold. Not only is the smell bad, but mold also causes a lot of negative health effects. Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, sore throat, irritation to skin, and shortness of breath are all common symptoms of mold exposure. Do not wait around for the smell to just fade away. Contacting a professional water damage cleanup crew will ensure it does.

  1. It is not a big deal if cleanup does not begin right away

Time is of the essence when dealing with water damage and mitigation of further damage. The longer water sits, the worse the damage gets. There is a very short window between water damage and mold growth (24 hours to be exact), and the longer materials and belongings are exposed to water, the less the odds are of them being salvaged. To minimize losses and the risk for mold, you need an immediate response to water damage. Water damage restoration cannot wait – it needs to begin as soon as possible. 

Professional Water Damage Cleanup Fitchburg

By understanding and tackling these myths, you will be able to prepare for the worst. It is also important to contact your local professional cleanup crew to help with any water damage. Having this knowledge, along with the help of professionals like Certi-Dry, will ensure that all of your water damage cleanup in Fitchburg needs are met.