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The Fungus Among Us- Mold!

The Fungus Among Us- Mold!

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Mold growth happens anywhere the right conditions are present:  moisture, a food source, and a place to live (like your house!) Buildings that have experienced water damage or areas of high humidity are especially vulnerable. When conditions are right, excessive mold growth can spread easily, be difficult to remove and cause health problems. Certi-dry is a restoration company located in Madison, Wisconsin that specializes in mold damage repair and has some tips for you.

What is Mold (or Mildew)?

Though there are thousands of different types they all have two things in common. The first is their insatiable drive to digest any organic, carbon-based material. The second is that they all need moisture so they can go to work. Mold exists nearly everywhere in the natural environment, and only becomes an issue when it grows indoors and shares your airspace. Most water-based molds are harmful to the human respiratory system and can cause harmful long-term effects.

There are differences between mold and mildew but, for our purposes, we can call the entire genre mold. Neither plants nor animals, they are microscopic organisms containing enzymes (responsible for digesting and decomposing) and spores (in charge of reproduction). The fungi kingdom also includes mushrooms, yeast, and other “decay organisms”. Without them, toppled trees, dead animals, and fallen vegetables wouldn’t decompose.

The problems start when mold growth is out of balance and affect the look, smell and structural integrity of your house. Mold can mark your walls with clusters of small black specks or weblike strands. It creates the smell we often refer to as “musty.” It can be slippery and dangerous when it grows on damp basement stairs.

Identifying Mold

Mold removal technicians are specially trained to identify and effectively remove mold growth from your property. You can easily spot the most visible type of mold, it’s the powdery gray-black stuff you see spreading in between the tiles in your bathroom and outdoor on surfaces in damp, shady areas. If you have a high concentration of mold, you may even smell it. However, a mildewed surface is often difficult to distinguish from just a dirty one. To be sure, a professional team will be able to easily test and will immediately alert you to any dangers.

However, it’s not enough to visually identify mold and mildew. Hundreds of types of the fungi can live in the damp areas of your home; some of which can be very dangerous.  Lab testing is the only way to be sure the level of danger you are facing.

When A Professional Steps In…

Mold damage repair specialists first address the affected area and contain the environment to avoid further spreading. To manage mold, you must also manage moisture problems. It is essential to identify and correct the cause of the moisture that contributed to the mold growth, such as a previous water damage, leaking roof, plumbing issue, or condensation problems. If the moisture source is not addressed, it is likely the mold will become a recurring problem.

Mold technicians will safely remove contaminated materials, such as damp drywall. After the mold has been removed, the area is treated using sanitizing agents to clean and prohibit future growth. Everything is contained in a sealed environment to prevent the mold spores from traveling to other areas of the property. As the problem is repaired, it will be disposed of carefully. Rough handling of damaged materials will stir up and spread spores, which you might inhale. For example, one square foot of moldy drywall can hold more than 300 million mold spores– a recipe for disaster if stored in the basement or garage.

The professionals will remove any remaining water and debris, sterilize the area, affected furniture, and items, then clean and dry the affected area. As a full-service property restoration company, Certi-Dry is trained to handle all mold problems– from the containment and removal of the mold to remediation of water damage to the repairs and reconstruction of your Madison home to pre-loss condition.

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