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Nationwide Increase In Water Damage – Plus Your Best Defense Against It

In the back of your mind, you know that your Madison home is at risk. We at Certi-Dry know that it is inevitable; one in 50 homes experience water damage or frozen pipes each year, according to insurance industry research by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). And water damage is on the rise, making almost half of all property damage losses in 2015, up from about a quarter in 2011, according to the ISO.

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Why The Increase?

The increasing incidence of water damage has several causes, experts say. Global warming is bringing colder winters in the south, where many homes don’t have sufficient insulation to prevent frozen pipes. This has led to more expensive water damage claims, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Economic cycles are also to blame. In the early 2000s, easy equity loans plus increasing property values led many people to renovate. Gourmet kitchens and extra bathrooms add more faucets and hoses. With all the under-cabinet ice makers, dual dishwashers, and second floor laundry rooms, there are just more risks. Now the plumbing and appliances are hitting the 15-20 year lifespan and require constant maintenance or replacement.

In condos and apartments, even the most conscientious resident is sometimes at the mercy of other property owners. Collective budgets are directed to immediate repairs instead of maintenance. Shared walls also share water damage problems; when a pipe leaks in a common wall, two households are disrupted.

Consider Leak Detection

Homeowners understand the dangers of fire and burglary but significantly underestimate the dangers their own plumbing systems pose. Smoke detectors in every room have been the standard for a generation. Home monitoring is available in every neighborhood. Front door cameras capture video of every visitor and delivery person (and some adorable animals.) However, less than 2% of homes have leak detection devices installed.

Leak-detection systems vary from simple sensors to entire systems that trigger the home’s main water shut-off valve, alert your phone and call a plumber when leaks are detected:

  • Device sensors are placed near water-using appliances and devices, these sensors will send an alert to your smartphone when a water leak is detected.
  • By combining a water shut-off valve with a wireless control panel, centralized systems sound an alarm in the house or send an alert to your smartphone and turn off the home’s water supply when a continuous water flow is detected.
  • Combination systems use sensors near water-using appliances and shut-off valves attached to the home’s main water supply. They are triggered either when a small leak is detected near an appliance, too much water is flowing through the home’s plumbing, or when the home’s temperature falls below 40 degrees.

Contact Certi-Dry for Help

At some point, you are going to suffer a water emergency in your home. Certi-dry is a restoration company in Madison that specializes in water mitigation. Certi-dry will remove any remaining water and debris, then sterilize the area and any affected areas.

Visit our website to quickly and easily enter your water/fire/mold damage that needs an estimate. Or in an emergency, call us immediately and we will be there right away.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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