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Reacting to Fire Damage | Madison, WI

How to Act When a Fire Hits Your Home or Business

madison fire damage repairEven in the depth of Madison, Wisconsin’s chilly, snowy winter, your home or business is still susceptible to catching fire. If your home experiences a fire, be sure to first call 911 emergency services. After everyone has been escorted safely, and the fire is put out, your next immediate step should be to call a fire restoration professional such as Certi-Dry. Certi-Dry is a company experienced in helping those who’ve been through the trauma of a house or business fire. They are there for physical and emotional support through the fire restoration process. If it is not your building that experiences a fire, remember that you can be of aid to any friends, family, or neighbors who do go through this experience. Referring them to a professional is a great way to add helpful support during a tough time.

Fire Damage Professionals

Whether your fire is caused by a grill, kitchen appliances, hair appliances, light bulbs, electricity, or any other cause, professionals will be there to help restore your home. There are many pros to calling a fire restoration professional. These professionals know how to work quickly and efficiently. They are able to get to work right away and prevent further damage. This can end up saving you money and time. Also, there is more to a fire than the flames. Professionals have specialized equipment that helps eliminate the odor and residue left by smoke. It is difficult to reverse the effects of said smoke, but with the equipment and skills training professionals have, they will be able to restore your home to its original state.

The fire may have caused structural damage. After cleaning up and removing traces of smoke, the home or business is rebuilt and restructured. It may be a floor, wall, ceiling, or another structure that needs repair. The restoration company you are working with will be sure to carefully and diligently rebuild the structure of your home so that it resembles its original state.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

There is no shame in having questions and seeking clarity during a time of fire recovery. In fact, there are some important questions you should ask when seeking professional help. Possible questions to consult a company with are whether the company is state-licensed, technician certified and insured. It is also appropriate to ask about the recovery process including a timeline of recovery. There may also be water damage from putting out the fire. This is a good part of the recovery process to discuss if it is applicable. Make sure to get a quote and an insurance claim. The company understands that you are paying them to be in charge of restoring your home. They will be willing to work with you and answer questions along the way. The idea of calling a professional restoration company may seem overwhelming while you are dealing with damage to your home or business. Just remember that they are there to support you, and will be well worth your time and money.

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