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Your Madison Home Water Damage Restoration Timeline

Your Madison Home Water Damage Restoration Timeline

water damage madison, water damage cleanup madison, water damage restoration madisonWhen water damage affects your home in Madison, it is important to get the water removed and dried completely as soon as possible. The longer water sits, the more damage it will cause.  If water damage restoration does not begin quickly, your home and belongings risk irreversible damage. We, at Certi-Dry, would like to introduce a timeline to show you just how much damage can occur after water has affected your property.

Immediately After Water Damage

  • Water will spread quickly, saturating everything it comes into contact with
  •  Porous materials, like wood, drywall, insulation, fabric, and upholstery will begin to absorb water 
  • Paper goods will start to deteriorate very quickly after being exposed to water

24 Hours After Water Damage

  • Upholstery and carpet will start to become saturated with water, and become heavy and sodden
  • Drywall, insulation, and other structural materials will begin to show signs of prolonged water exposure such as swelling and bowing
  • Wood may begin to warp
  • Metal objects will begin to tarnish
  • Colors and dyes from fabrics will begin to bleed
  • Paper goods will no longer be salvageable
  • Mold growth is now a concern

48 Hours After Water Damage

  • Mold growth has now spread through the production of spores, and may even begin to be visible on surfaces
  • Wood will warp and bend under the weight of the excess moisture
  • Metal objects will begin to corrode and rust
  • Drywall, insulation, carpet, carpet padding, furniture, and other textile goods will begin to show major signs of deterioration – some may no longer be salvageable
  • Microorganisms can begin to grow in the stagnant water, making contamination a serious health and safety issue

One Week After Water Damage

  • Restoration costs and procedures are significantly increased because structural damages are now a major concern
  • Water contamination levels must be treated as category 3 water, or black water. All exposure to water should be avoided because of the possible toxins present.
  • Few, if any, items in the exposed area will be salvageable, most have sustained too much damage by this time and will need to be thrown out. 
  • Structural rebuild will be necessary in order to restore the property to pre-loss condition
  • Mold is now a problem of its own, as it has likely spread throughout the entire building, not just the area that sustained water damage. 
  • Cracking, buckling, breaking, peeling, bending, and other signs of deterioration will likely be visible on walls, floors, and even ceilings

Professional Water Damage Restoration In Madison

Water damage restoration should not wait. As soon as you find water damage, call Certi-Dry to begin the restoration process right away. No matter the source of the water, or how long it has been present, Certi-Dry has the experience, equipment, and training necessary to restore your property to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your emergency water damage restoration needs. Do not wait, call Cert-Dry in Madison right away

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