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Common Water Damaged Walls Questions

Common Water Damaged Walls Questions

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Perhaps it was a burst pipe. Maybe the roof leaked. Every rainy season brings the chance of a flood. No matter the cause, the result is ugly, stained walls. Water-damaged walls can be repaired, but they must be dry from the inside out before you start restoring, repainting or recovering them.

First, determine the materials involved and investigate the damage. Common sheetrock walls actually create even more opportunities to harbor mold and mildew. Expensive plaster and paneling often can be saved, but you need to get air circulating in the wall cavities to dry the studs and sills. If you are facing unsightly water damage, here are some common questions as you begin to repair:

Will mold grow now?

Mold spores might grow and thrive if they have:

  1. Food (drywall, wood, and paper products, among other things)
  2. Water (good circulation throughout the home is important, especially in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and laundry rooms)
  3. Optimal temperatures (mold doesn’t die when temperatures drop below 32 degrees; it goes dormant.

Take away one of the ingredients, and mold will not grow. However, expect the unexpected; wet walls create an opportunity for water to soak the insulation on the backside of the wallboard. And any insulation that has gotten wet should always be replaced.

Can damaged wall areas be patched instead of replaced?

Yes. Qualified restoration teams will repair only the damaged areas and match the texture of the remaining walls. Using professional equipment, they can tell what walls have moisture behind them. Their years of experience will save you the frustration of sloppy, visible DIY patches.

Can water damage be repainted?

It certainly can be repainted but if a) the source of moisture is not eliminated and b) if mold spores are not bleached, then c) mold will come back. So, address the original cause of damage first. Consult with a professional; perhaps KILZ 2® latex paint, a water-based, multi-purpose primer-sealer-stain blocker can be top-coated with latex or oil-based paint to seal the stains.

Can stained ceilings be repaired?

Many steps are needed to cover a water stain on your ceiling: absolutely be sure that you have repaired the cause of the leak. Then use a spray can of stain blocking primer or sealer. (Spray can work better than a brush, especially on popcorn or textured ceilings.) However, if the primer doesn’t match the color of the ceiling, you may need to paint the entire ceiling once the primer has dried. Again, an experienced professional will be able to make a much less visible repair than an inexperienced homeowner.

Contact Certi-Dry for Help

Certi-dry is a restoration company located in Madison Wisconsin that specializes in water mitigation. Certi-dry will remove any remaining water and debris, sterilize the area, affected furniture, and items, then clean and dry the affected area.

Use the form at  www.certidry.com to quickly and easily enter your water/fire/mold damage that needs an estimate. Or in an emergency, call 608-223-1600 immediately and we will be there right away.

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