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Working With Your Insurance Company After A Water Damage Disaster

Working With Your Insurance Company After A Water Damage Disaster

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The destructive influence of a flood or water damage of any kind is more than enough stress and worry for any homeowner. Adding on the added stress of dealing with your insurance company can push a difficult situation over the edge. To prevent being overwhelmed by the stress of insurance issues on top of pressing water damage restoration needs, it’s important that you understand ahead of time what you can do to make your dealings with your insurance company smooth and stress-free as possible.

We at Certi-Dry in the Middleton area offer all the restoration services needed to restore your home from the effects of water damage. We also want to help your work with your insurance company go as smoothly as possible. Below are a few tips as to how you can ensure that is the case for you.

Make A Detailed Inventory Of Your Possessions
Every homeowner should take the time to go throughout their home and make a detailed
inventory of all their possessions of value. A detailed inventory includes:

 A list of all your valuable possessions
 Photos
 Notes commenting on the current quality of your possessions (new, used, damaged, broken, etc.)
 Scanned copies of all your important paper documents (birth certificates, marriages licenses, social security cards, tax       paperwork, etc.)

Having this inventory done and already on hand will make the process in working with your insurance company go much more smoothly as it will take little effort to sort through what was damaged a what wasn’t and how much of an insurance claim you are entitled to.

Know The Different Types Of Water Damage And Which Your Policy Covers
There are several different types of water damage. Just because your insurance policy says you are covered for water damage does not necessarily mean that you will be covered for all types of water damage. The main categories of water damage are as follows:

 Sudden or accidental discharge
 Sewer or water backup
 Overflow
 Flood
 Storm-related water damage

You should check your policy to make sure you are covered for all the types of water damage you need to be. For example, if you live in an area that has had a history of sewage backup issues you should make sure that your insurance includes that specific type of disaster.

Gradual Damage Is Treated Differently Than Sudden Or Accidental Damage
Last of all, there is one last category of water damage this is important to understand. That is the difference between gradual damage and sudden damage. Gradual damage occurs slowly over time, probably without you even noticing. An example of this could be minor leaks within your walls that eventually cause notable damage. The distinction is important because many insurance policies only cover sudden water damage, not gradual.

We hope that all the information above is never of use to you because your home remains water damage free. However, flooding and water damage is much too common of an issue for homeowners to look the other way. Thus, we want you to know all you can do make the insurance aspect of a water damage disaster doesn’t put your nerves on edge and leave you
confused and frustrated. We at Certi-Dry in the Middleton area are here to help and are always just a call away from having your water damage problems taken care of in a swift and professional manner.

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