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24/7 Fire Restoration Services in Madison WI

Experiencing a fire in your home or business can be devastating and overwhelming. It’s a daunting task to safely and effectively remove smoke, soot, and repair damaged property and items. 

At Certi-Dry we believe you deserve the best care possible. You shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of recovering from fire damage on your own. That’s why we’re here to provide you with the expertise and resources to get your life back to normal. 

We care about your emotional and physical well-being, so let us handle the dirty work so you can focus on other important matters. Our services are available 24/7 in Madison and surrounding areas. Give us a call to request immediate help.

Your Local Fire Restoration Company

The damage caused by a fire extends well beyond the heat and the flames. Smoke damage accompanies fire damage, and, in some cases, there may also be water damage resulting from firefighting efforts.

Because fire damage is complex and can be extensive, you should rely on skilled fire damage professionals like those at Certi-Dry who will actively work to mitigate the damage and are capable of completely restoring your property to pre-loss condition.

We offer:

Emergency Fire Board Up Services

Once your property has been cleared for entry by the fire marshal, Certi-Dry is at your service. We have seen firsthand how secondary damages can impact the outcome of restoration, as well as insurance claims coverage and cost. To protect the space while it is vulnerable, we recommend emergency fire board up services.  Having a local fire board up and fire reconstruction services company on speed dial is helpful for sparing the property from the wrath of the elements, vandals, and animals. Our effective fire board adds a level of security to the blown out windows and exposed access points.

Call Certi-Dry for 24/7 emergency response to your fire damage board up needs. You can count on our professional fire board up technicians to thoroughly inspect all damaged areas before boarding up windows, doors, and missing walls with plywoods. This ensures that the premises is as secure as possible during an uncertain time, leaving one less thing for you to stress about. It also gives us a gauge for how extensive the fire reconstruction process will be.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process


Fire Boardup & Tarping

After calling Certi-Dry, we dispatch an emergency fire damage crew to your location. Once the fire is put out, we secure the property with fire boardup services and roof tarping for any holes. Fire boardup protects the premises from vandals, animals, and the elements.


Water Extraction & Drying

The water from fighting the fire will sit in the property and causes further damage if not promptly removed. We have the equipment to quickly remove standing water and dry the area.


Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire damage cleanup is challenging, even for a professional. We remove damaged building materials so that we can address smoke damage, soot, and charred items.


Smoke Deodorization

Smoke and soot are extremely corrosive to all surfaces with which they come in contact. Not to mention, the odor is unbearable. Certi-Dry’s fire restoration team uses advanced smoke soot cleaning and smoke deodorization techniques.


Fire Damage Repairs

Certi-Dry is qualified to make fire restoration repairs. We do all work to code and prioritize your health and safety to mitigate fire damage Madison.

Smoke Damage Cleanup

Fire damage can be the most detrimental thing to happen to your home or business. Half the battle is the fire itself, but the other half is the smoke damage that permeates throughout the entire structure and leaves odors and sticky residues behind. Even small fires can cause extensive smoke damage cleaning.

When you call Certi-Dry, we not only clear out all burnt materials and structure, we will clean the space from top to bottom to get rid of the smoke damage done to the walls and vents. We also take items from the affected area and clean them from the smoke damage they may have incurred during the fire. Smoke odors are particularly difficult to remove. Certi-Dry uses special equipment to fully release odors, removing any trace of fire damage Madison.

Fire Damage Repairs & Reconstruction

Fires can cause structural damage or damage to building materials that require rebuilding or replacement. After cleanup has been completed, we will replace drywall, trim, flooring, and other pieces that have been damaged. While we focus on restoring whenever possible, we are committed to restoring your home or business back to its original state with reconstruction services.

Certi-Dry’s fire damage repairs team makes skillful and seamless fixes to any of the damaged areas of your home or business. Our crew has extensive experience with fire damage repairs, and as such, is able to complete the job quickly and accurately to get you back in your home. When you need a fire damage repairs company you can trust, look no further than Certi-Dry. We ease your stress through the entire fire damage Madison restoration process.

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Failure to do a thorough cleaning and repair job after fire damage can be devastating to your property. Mitigate risk, prevent health problems, and get back to normal as soon as possible with professional fire damage restoration services.

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