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Professional Smoke Soot Cleanup & Smoke Deodorization in Madison WI.

Local Professional Fire Smoke Cleanup Services

Due to the composition and nature of smoke, damage is often extensive, traveling through the air and leaving lingering odors in the wake of a fire. The truth is, that often, smoke generates just as much damage as the flames themselves. Smoke and soot become lodged deep within carpets, upholstery, and even behind cabinets and walls. As such, corrosion and discoloration are the results. Thankfully, Certi-Dry offers professional smoke damage cleaning for homes and businesses in and around the Madison WI area.

Certi-Dry’s trained technicians make use of professional, industrial-grade equipment while following IICRC protocols for smoke soot cleanup. This allows us to successfully complete smoke damage cleaning and smoke deodorization projects of all sizes, both big and small.

If you’re struggling to get your life back to normal after a fire, call Certi-Dry today. We respond quickly to make your home or business habitable again.

The Dangers of Smoke Damage

Smoke is comprised of microscopic, burnt particles that travel through hot air. The result is the spreading of smoke damage, as it penetrates nearly any surface and material with which it comes into contact. Even worse, porous materials will trap the smoke smell and particles, leaving you wondering why the odor remains.

In all actuality, the dangers of smoke damage go beyond the unpleasant smell and appearance. Those with respiratory issues such as asthma or emphysema will likely experience flair ups, and those without existing health concerns may develop dyspnea.

You are likely to find smoke damage in and on the following materials:

Windows & Walls

Drapes & Furnishings

Clothing & Fabrics

Household Appliances

Air Duct System

Helping Madison WI property owners recover from fires with smoke soot cleaning and smoke deodorization services.

Fire damage goes beyond the charred remnants of the structure. While some smoke residues can be cleaned with household items, it is not recommended. You could cause even more damage. Smoke damage requires a professional response.

Rely on Certi-Dry to mitigate the smoke and soot damage. We are capable of completely restoring your property to pre-loss condition.

We offer:

The Smoke Damage Cleaning Process


Smoke Damage Inspection

Call Certi-Dry as soon as you can after a fire disaster in your home or business. When your call comes through, we immediately send a fire and smoke soot cleanup specialist to your property to inspect all damages.  At this point, we will create a smoke damage restoration plan with a detailed timeline and estimate.


Smoke & Soot Cleaning

The smoke damage cleaning experts at Certi-Dry utilize industry-leading methods to ensure that all smoke damage and soot are removed from your property in a safe and gentle manner.


Smoke Deodorization

Even after visible smoke damage has been removed, the lingering smoke smell will need to be attended to. Materials such as draperies, clothing, walls, carpet, furniture, ceilings, and duct work will require deodorization to make the home or business habitable again.


Smoke Damage Restoration

As a licensed general contractor, Certi-Dry is able to carry out your smoke damage cleaning project from start to finish. We have the equipment, expertise, and training to get the job done.

Smoke Deodorization & Smoke Odor Removal

Certi-Dry’s smoke deodorization team employs advanced smoke damage removal methods to completely rid of nuisance odors. These methods not only clear out the space for easy breathing again, they also improve indoor air quality. Smoke deodorization and smoke odor removal helps you get your life back to feeling normal again without the unpleasant aroma of a tragic fire.

Our smoke deodorization and smoke odor removal techniques include thermal fogging, hydroxyl generators, and elbow grease. Sometimes, a combination of several methods are used to deodorize your home or business. In instances of severe smoke damage, we may remove affected belongings and building materials for further treatment.

Start your recovery from smoke damage now.

Failure to do a thorough cleaning and repair job after fire damage can be devastating to your property. Mitigate risk, prevent health problems, and get back to normal as soon as possible with professional fire damage restoration services.

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