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Water Damage Restoration

You deserve the best care in a stressful situation. Trust your Madison restoration experts to help you get back on your feet.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration Services in Madison WI

In the unfortunate event of a water disaster, we understand your desire to return to a safe home environment. At Certi-Dry, we know how overwhelming it is to deal with a damaged property and unexpected disruptions. You shouldn’t have to deal with the emotional distress that comes with water damage. That is why we’re here to provide the help and resources you need to get back on your feet. This include water extraction, water damage cleanup, drying and dehumidification, water damage restoration, and water damage repairs.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your property will be safe and healthy after cleanup is complete. We’re available to service 24/7 in Madison and surrounding areas. Give us a call to request immediate help.

water damage restoration
causes of water damage

Causes of Water Damage

Unfortunately for property owners, there are tons of causes of water damage. Maybe it conjures visions of flood damage, or an overflowing bathtub, but in reality, the causes of water damage originate from many sources. Being aware of the causes of water damage is one way to ensure you’re ready to respond should an emergency arise. As the most reputable water restoration company in Madison WI and surrounding areas, Certi-Dry has cultivated a passion for handling all of the many causes of water damage. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Appliances
  • Storm Damage
  • Indoor Plumbing
  • Burst and Broken Pipes
  • Toilet Overflows

We’re not just any ordinary restoration team. Our hassle-free water damage restoration process makes it easy.

water damage restoration

Our experienced water damage team will evaluate the water damage, and determine the level of contamination that is present. We will develop a detailed plan for restoring your property including the removal of water and debris; sterilizing the area, affected furniture, and items; and cleaning and drying the affected area.

Our Services

• Free estimates

• Removal of water and debris

• Cleaning and drying the area

• Sterilizing the area, affected furniture, and items

• Full reconstruction and repairs

Categories of Water Damage

We break our water damage services down into 3 categories based on type of water issue.

Category 1

Originates from a sanitary source and poses no substantial risk from dermal, ingestion, or inhalation exposure. However, it may not always remain clear after it comes into contact with other surfaces or materials.

Category 2

Contains significant contamination and has the potential to cause discomfort or sickness if contacted or consumed by humans. it may contain potentially unsafe levels of microorganisms or nutrients for microorganisms, as well as other organic or inorganic matter (chemical or biological).

Category 3

Grossly contaminated and may contain pathogenic, toxigenic or other harmful agents. Such water sources may carry silt, organic matter, pesticides, heavy metals, regulated materials, or toxic organic substances.

We highly recommend calling a water damage specialist like Certi-Dry who will accurately identify the category of the water loss and take appropriate action to ensure potentially hazardous situations are avoided during and after the water damage restoration process. You can have peace of mind knowing that your property will be safe and healthy after cleanup is complete.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

As soon as you notice water damage in your home or business, call Certi-Dry. We will immediately dispatch a trained water restoration technician to inspect all affected areas, generate a water damage restoration plan with an estimate, and a timeline.

To salvage the home or business, we bring in pumps, vacuums, and extraction mats to remove any standing water.

Once all water is removed, we take out any compromised building materials and belongings to make way for drying and dehumidification. Industrial air movers and dehumidifiers assist in the water restoration process.

Cleaning begins once the property is dried out to remove bacteria and prevent any microbial growth.

Finally, Certi-Dry restores the damaged areas by replacing carpet, drywall, insulation, and other building materials. We return the premises to its pre-loss condition.

Minimize risk and protect your property from water damage loss.

Putting off the restoration process can be dangerous to your home environment. Act fast, find safety, and get back to normal as soon as possible.


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