Water Damage Cleanup From Autumn Rains

Weather, wind, rain, and snow can cause debris to build up on your roof, home exterior and wooden surfaces. Something as simple as fallen leaves, left over time, can damage your home and invite mold and water damage, and the water damage cleanup costs that are sure to follow. 

When autumn leaves fall, they are often wet. As they gather on your roof, they collect even more water. Then as they rot,  the moisture gets into the shingles and can cause water damage. Any exposed wood is especially vulnerable to damage. As more water collects and drips down, moisture can leak into the building. The weight of the leaves and wet wood can actually cause an uneven distribution of pressure on the beams of your roof, which can weaken them. Below are a few water damage cleanup and other tips to help your Fitchburg home:

Water Damage Cleanup In Fitchburg


Get ahead of the problem now. You can’t stop trees from shedding leaves but you can control them. Regularly trim any tree branches that overhang the roof. Not only will this result in fewer leaves, but the extra sunlight and ventilation will help dry up the lingering moisture.

Keep your gutters clear and flowing freely. Ensure that the downspouts direct the rainwater away from the foundation; poor planning can lead to wet basements. Inspect your roof regularly as well. You can use binoculars from the ground to identify suspicious areas that might indicate damage. 

Now Is A Great Time

Prepare now for the rough weather to come. Autumn is the perfect time to inspect and repair any potential problems. Severe weather events that damage roofs are far more likely during the spring and summer. Therefore, fall is the ideal time to find and repair any damage that may have occurred during the stormy months. 

Winter storms can exacerbate existing damage to a roof, causing holes to get larger or leaks to worsen. If you live in an area prone to snow, the weight of snowfall on an already-compromised roof can cause expensive damage.

Cleanup Now, Before It Gets Cold

When you find areas of damage on your home’s exterior, call a water damage cleanup expert now before the weather gets worse. The water damage cleanup technicians at Certi-Dry can repair or replace window sills, siding, door thresholds, and porch overhangs before the Wisconsin snows build up. Make the most of the last few days of nice weather and get your water damage fixed now. 

Contact Cleanup Professionals

If you have water damage from your roof or exterior, you need to fix the moisture problem, then repair the damaged structures. If you can see or smell mold, a health risk may be present. You need a restoration company to specialize in water mitigation. The water damage cleanup experts at Certi-Dry will remove any remaining water and debris, sterilize the area, affected furniture, and items, then clean and dry the affected area.