Water Damage Restoration Because Of Household Appliances

Water damage in your Madison home can happen at any time and from a number of different sources. Since our homes are surrounded by water, it is no surprise that water damage is so common. Because this is so common, restoration costs can get pretty high if one is not prepared. Even though there are countless ways water damage can come into our homes, here are 5 of the most common, as given by the experts at Certi-Dry:

Leaking Pipes

Because pipes erode over time, and are constantly housing water, leaks and bursts are bound to occur. Leaky pipes can cause water to pool in areas of the home, and can waste a lot of water each year. Do not wait to get leaky pipes fixed. Water damage gets more and more serious the longer it is present, so getting it resolved quickly is key in restoration costs and damage. If you are worried about the integrity of one of your pipes, get it checked by a professional and replace any old or corroded parts as quickly as possible. 

Clogged Drains

Any time a drain gets clogged, it will cause water to back up. That pressure that builds from backed up water can cause bursts or overflow into your home. Since many clogs come from the toilet, it can cause sewage back up which is extremely dangerous for your health. When the kitchen drains back up, you can have overflow onto floors and under cabinets. If you are experiencing frequent drain clogs, or really slow drainage, get it checked by a professional so that you can avoid water backing up into your home, and avoid water damage restoration costs.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners remove moisture from the air, and if not functioning correctly, that moisture can build up within the AC unit itself. If not properly drained, that water can begin to leak into your home. The best way to prevent this type of water damage is to follow manufacturers routine service checks for your unit. Whether it be HVAC systems or window units, it is important to check your air conditioner at least once every year to prevent possible water damage.


Dishwashers can cause some serious water damage in the home. The water hose that supplies the dishwasher can spring leaks, or its connections can become loose. Even using the wrong soap, or too much soap, can cause leaks to occur. Overfilling the dishwasher can cause strain, and make it malfunction. Drains in the dishwasher can become clogged, and if it is not cleaned routinely can cause water to backup. Make sure your dishwasher is clean and clear from any buildup, and follow the manufacturers recommendations for usage and maintenance. 

Washing Machines

It is no wonder that washing machines can cause water damage in the home when you think about how much water these appliances use. It is important to check that all the fittings on your washing machine are secure and connected correctly. The water house should be checked regularly, and should be replaced every 3-5 years. Keeping the hose secure and in good shape will prevent leaks. If you notice any water leaking from your washing machine, get it checked immediately

Water Damage Restoration In Madison

While there are many different sources of water damage, being aware of these 5 common ones can help you protect your home. If you find yourself facing water damage, call Certi-Dry right away. We handle everything from water extraction, drying, and restoration. We can find the source of the water damage, get it stopped, and get your home returned back to normal. We know how stressful water damage repair can be, and we will take the stress out of it for you. For all your water damage restoration needs, Certi-Dry is here for you.